Truly global

The Fung Group of companies comprises more than 42,000 people working in over 350 offices across 40+ markets worldwide. 

Today, the Fung Group is focusing on both creating the Supply Chain of the Future to help brands and retailers navigate the digital economy as well as creating new opportunities, product categories and market expansion for brands on a global scale.

Fung Group Europe

We are Fung Group in Europe, part of the Fung Group of companies whose diverse business operate across the entire global supply chain for consumer goods, including sourcing, logistics, distribution & retail. 

Our commitment to create value for our customers and business partners is at the core of what we do. We are firmly focused on advancing new, disruptive technologies shaping the future of retail and supply chain and continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible with an innovative mindset.

Fung Group Europe incorporates a diverse number of businesses located in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain & Italy. Our vast product ranges and services span across fashion, fireworks, homeware, beauty, promotional items, retail solutions, distribution & logistics.